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Monday, November 22, 2010

Over 20 Way to Bust Up Stress This Holiday season

Holiday stress – busting

Get all details here:

1-Hike you mood with sunlight

2-Take a whiff of citrus

3-Walk away from worries

4-Sleep better with 5-HTP

5-Use hand acupressure

6-Do less, enjoy more

7-Stick with your daily routine

8-Don’t neglect whatever cracks you up

9-Forget Perfection

10-Get out of the house

11-Consider abandoning old customs

12-Be a picky volunteer

13-Solicit help the smart way

14-Go tech free

15-Savor a spicy meal

16-Dip into some honey

17-Eat breakfast before you tank up on coffee

18-Get a massage

19-Say yes yes yes to sex

20-Turn up the tunes

21-Go with your recipe for relaxation

22-Fit in exercise

23-Don’t overschedule

24-Plan a real vacation

25-Think Positive


  1. I love what you've done with the place. It looks great. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Thanks Lauren.....Don't eat too much but if you do..NO GUILT! haha

  3. Yes, all what you say is true, but above all: think positive :) Life will be better for all of us.


  4. Maria..Yeah yeah your exactly right ....In the world today we need much more postive thinking..We would all be healthier
    A big hug