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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Foods That Increase White Blood Cells and Over-all Good Health

In order for our bodies to be able to fight off infection caused by certain diseases, we need to have enough count of white blood cells in our immune system. Low WBC levels can mean serious damage to our body that’s why we need to maintain the adequate number our body needs. By eating certain foods and taking the right medication you can make this possible.

Vitamin C is often the go-to vitamin when it comes to boosting up the body’s immune system. Vitamins C helps in the regeneration of white blood cells that helps the immune system fight infection. You probably know where to find vitamin C: carrots, guava, oranges, berries and most fruits and vegetables.

Beta-carotene is also a famous immune system booster just like vitamin C. And just like vitamin C it also contributes in the formation of infection-fighting cells. Beta-carotene has also been known to fight cancerous diseases and heart problems. Carrots are probably the most common source of this super vitamin. Other sources may include tomatoes, chili and squash.

The human body is being attacked by free radicals almost every time and without proper protection, cells can easily get injured and die. To help with this problem you need antioxidants like vitamin E. Vitamin E can mostly be found in olive oil, nuts and some fruits and vegetables. It is primarily involved in the function of the immune system and helps prevent blood to clot in blood vessels.

People used to think that eating egg everyday can be bad for the health but not anymore. Protein found in egg, fish, lean meats and dairy can actually improve white blood cell production. As the body gets a rich amount of protein, it increases its ability to replenish white blood cells. That is just amazing if you ask me.

These are not just the food group available out there that can help you increase your white blood cell count. There are hundreds more that include seafood rich with omega-3 fatty acids and zing. These two are also good immune system boosters. Sometimes when we fail to get enough vitamins from the food that we eat every day, we can make use of food supplements and multivitamins.
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