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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mental Health Hot Lines

While the telephone can never replace the face to face contact with a therapist knowing that one is not isolated is important in moments of crises, for those suffering from mental illness.
Here is a link to services in your area.

Enjoy the wonderful spoof on hotlines provided for us by YouTube, on the post below.


  1. HI Carl! Happy 4th of July! Keep writing these great tips we all can live by !!

  2. Hi Kyungmee. Happy 4th..Thanks for reading :)

  3. Hi Carl! Thanks so much for your kind message! I really do try to be a good Mom, but sometimes when I'm tired I feel like quite a grouch. But it was a miracle, he slept 'till almost 9:30 this morning! It was awesome, and I woke up refreshed and felt like my normal self! Thank goodness!
    Yes, please- I would love to hear about your beliefs, please write me anytime and tell me all about it! I love religion and spirituality, and I know lots of people say it's dangerous to talk about for fear of getting people upset, I actually believe it's kind of dangerous NOT to talk about it, you know? I look forward to hearing from you. I am very familiar with Zoroastrianism- I'm studied a little bit, it is fascinating. :) I hope you had a happy 4th! We were in Fla with the fam, it was wonderful!
    Take care,