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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dr. Gregory House with Hugh Laurie..Real Physicians Love It Too!

"Irascibility reaps ratings"
"'House' ...grabbed a big audience on the merits of its quirky style, high-quality storytelling and the strong ensemble cast headed by Laurie...."

"Even real physicians get a kick out of the outspoken medical contrarian, says Robert Sean Leonard, who plays House's longtime colleague, Dr. James Wilson.

"'I've heard from doctors that it's sort of a nice outlet,' says Leonard. 'They watch it and laugh and feel that Hugh's character tends to say all the things they wish they could say.'"

YES “House M.D.” has taken the nation by storm with Hugh Laurie’s witty yet cynical personality that somehow draws attention from everyone in America and across the World. Maybe it’s the fact that Dr. Gregory House is always right, despite his staff always questioning his judgment! Even though some critics view the show as predictable and static, it has gained great popularity as it runs on syndication on USA while still producing new episodes on FOX. For such reasons, “House M.D.” lands itself at #9 in this Best* of the Decade

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