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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Brain Scan May Predict Alzheimer's

Study Shows Diffusion Tensor Imaging May Help Identify Early Alzheimer's Disease

In a study published in the Jan. 19 issue of Neurology, Carlesimo and colleagues found that DTI scanning predicted declines in memory performance with more accuracy than traditional MRI.

"This type of brain scan appears to be a better way to measure how healthy the brain is in people who are experiencing memory loss," Carlesimo says in a news release. "This might help doctors when trying to differentiate between normal aging and diseases like Alzheimer's."
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  1. Hallo Carl! This disease is very insidious, strikes in silence. What food is perfect, Alzeimer disease?
    Blessing, Elena.

  2. Hi, Carl. Alzheimer... a very hard disease. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer. It's a pity but she doesn't recognise her family since a long time ago and she is quite sick.


  3. Hi Elena,
    Yes it is insidious..It is hard on everyone in the family! Based on what I have read foods that are high in antioxidents are best for this. Also veggie juices are very good.
    Blessings to you as well
    always take care,

  4. Hi Maria,
    Ahh your mother-in law...Yes is so hard to watch the memories go from them..little by little they slip away from us with this disease.
    It is always nce to see you here. :)
    a hug,

  5. Hi Carl,
    Saudades de vc.
    Adorei o texto e o seu blog muito informativo sobre esta doença seríssima. Parabens.

  6. Oi Riff,
    É sempre bom ver que você visitou-me aqui. Estou feliz que tenha gostado. Eu sempre gostei de visitar você bem aqui e no Facebook, embora tenha sido pressionado pelo tempo ultimamente. Talvez eu precise multitask melhor:)
    Um abraço

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  8. Hi Patrick..Thanks for reading