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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Worst Cheeseburger on the Fast food Market

Worst Cheeseburger with Everything

Wendy’s Double with Everything and Cheese

700 calories

40 g fat (17 g saturated, 2 g trans)

1,440 mg sodium

In the pantheon of fast-food burgers, this cannot compete with the atrocities wrought by the Double Whoppers and Six Dollar Burgers of the world. But there are too many burgers at Wendy’s to end up with this mistake.
Take the Double Stack  with small chili—for example. With 37 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, it might be the most satisfying $2 meal in America.


  1. i stopped eating from fast food, because i realised it isn't healthy.

  2. Ahhh Yes..good for you! thanks for stoppng by to see me:) I think most people know it is unhealthy but would be suprised to learn just how unhealthy it is. The fat content and sodium content is alarming.
    Incidently, your photos are extraordinary!

  3. Carl, I never liked it! I have the kids eat happy meals once in a while and remind them just that..once in while is okay but not always since it is not very good for you.I think they understand or at least they will have the concept as they grow;)

  4. Hi Kyungmee, Yeah this is true..Once in awhile is fine but a diet of this food is very unhealthy for us. Of course the older you get the harder it is to digest and the larger the impact of salt and saturated fats.