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Saturday, November 28, 2009

H1N1 Around The Globe

Reports from around the globe indicate that H1N1 is not going away any time soon.

Although it appears from available health reports that spread of H1N1 continues to be a very real concern,at least for the moment it is under control.The largest fear is the strain will mutate and fail to respond to the current vaccine.

Animals have been reported to already have contracted H1N1 most unexpectedly a cat and the concern is that the virus will mutate through this vector.

The following are headlines from around the world regarding the present status of H1N1. Remaining informed is our best defence.


Suspension of classes decreased spread of new flu in 21%, says survey

Work was published in the journal BMC Infectious Diseases'.

Analysis showed that the number of close contacts decreases by 10%.

Changes in the new flu virus killed two people in France

This is the same mutation identified in Norway.

WHO maintains that drugs are still effective

20 NOVEMBER 2009

GENEVA -- The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has informed WHO of a mutation detected in three H1N1 viruses. The viruses were isolated from the first two fatal cases of pandemic influenza in the country and one patient with severe illness.


Brazilian and Venezuelan Yanomami cut relations because of the new flu.

Government of Venezuela has confirmed eight deaths from the disease among Indians.

Fearing infection by influenza virus A (H1N1), the Brazilian Yanomami Indians avoid visiting their relatives in the villages of Venezuela. According to the Indian leader Davi Yanomami, two weeks ago, the Indians Platanal in southern Venezuela, sent many messages that they were already infected by the disease in the neighboring country.

H1N1 strikes Yanomami people in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela, 4 Nov 2009 (AFP) - The H1N1 flu has affected the indigenous Yanomami, on the border between Venezuela and Brazil, the government of Caracas sent on Wednesday, a delegation of the Ministry of Health to the site.

Death rises to 86 in number  by the new flu in Ukraine

Number of patients rose to 478 thousand.
Daily, the country registers between 70 thousand to 80 thousand new cases.

Health authorities of Ukraine reported on Wednesday (4) that 86 people died of influenza and other respiratory problems in recent weeks, so the football match in the Champions League on Wednesday in Kiev will distribute masks to try to minimize exposure.

According to the head of the Ukrainian health, Ludmila Muj√°rskaya, the number of patients rose to 478 thousand, Ukrainian news agencies.
Daily, the number of infected people rises 70 thousand to 80 thousand.

A cat in the state of Iowa has been infected by the virus A (H1N1),

 the first time a cat is diagnosed with a new strain, said the American Association of Veterinary Medicine on Wednesday .

The cat of 13 years apparently contracted the virus from one of the residents of the house, the group said in a statement. The animal recovered and apparently not infected anyone or another animal.

U.S. releases new drug against new flu if Tamiflu does not work

The Food and Drug Administration , FDA, has approved use in some cases an experimental antiviral drug to treat severe cases of influenza A (H1N1).

Peramivir is experimental and was executed as an emergency option authorized, by the FDA. This drug inhibits the enzyme that spreads the virus A (H1N1) by the body.

However, The drug, known as peramivir, currently being developed by BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, is being tested to obtain official approval for wide, public comsumption, from the FDA.

Oxygenation of the blood produces good results in patients of the new flu

Results will be published in the November issue of JAMA.

Study was conducted in Australia and New Zealand.

Despite the severity of illness and intensity of treatment, most patients in Australia and New Zealand who had respiratory failure due to the new strain and were treated with a system that added oxygen into their bloodstreams, survived the disease.

The results will be published in the November issue of JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association)


Fear of the new flu in the Northern Hemisphere boosts online sales of fake drugs

Company internet security alert was on Monday (16). Most of the gang was based in Russia,
According to

MADRID, Nov. 26
(Xinhua) -- Spain reported 17 more deaths from the A/H1N1 flu during the week of Nov. 15-21, bringing the total number of deaths to 135 in the country, figures from the Health Ministry showed Thursday.

However, the mortality rate of the disease remained very low and it dropped by a slim 0.01 point to 0.13 deaths per 1,000 infected patients.
According to the ministry, the number of A/H1N1 influenza cases continued to rise in Spain, as 158,942 more new cases were registered last week.
China View...

The H1N1 flu, or "swine" flu, has caused its first death in Greece
 unrelated to underlying health conditions. A 29-year-old Frenchman died early Tuesday, September 15th.

Although Greece has seen about 2,000 cases of the swine flu so far, most of the cases have been with travelers who became infected while still outside Greece.


  1. Ah, crazy. I am sick now with upper respirtory..cough. I feel terrible I have not gotton anyone vaccines yet..I guess I should call the doctor to see if necesary? Our kids have been pretty good so far.

  2. ahh Kyungmee,
    I am sorry you are not feeling well.
    I think you should call a doctor right away. Always better to be safe than sorry.
    Depending, you may need antibotic or antiviral.
    It's good the kids are not sick.How old are they?

  3. Are you worried about this, Carl? Me... not. Two of our researchers, at my office (in my School), have suffered this flu and now they are fine and working, as usual. The rest of us, at my office, haven't experienced any problems, fortunately, and I hope not to have any problem in the next months :)

    Have a good Sunday :)

  4. Hi Mari,
    I am concerned most of all about informing myself as comprehensively as possible.We have had some H1N1 here as well. All of them also survived. But I have also heard of a young man not far from me who died..I think he was about 27 or so.
    I am thinking maybe a little extra caution this season might be a good thing :)Having said that I always admire your optimism :) Thats good for us too.
    Today was a typical Monday for me,putting out all the fires from the weekend.:) Hope your week goes well.
    warm regards,,

  5. Thank You for all the current news.Will you be doing this periodicly?

  6. Hi Carl,
    I keep asking, but no one seems to know the answer, do you know if the H1N1 flu will be around again for the 2010/2011 flu season?

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    Thank You for reading and taking the time to leave you comment and question.
    According to the head of the World Health Organization the H1N1 flu pandemic might not be conquered until 2011 and that continued vigilant is necessary against the mutating virus.
    You may reading the entire articles at the following URL:\