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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Careful Ladies..The Things Nobody Wants To Talk About


Here are the 3 most common conditions to watch out for:-

 1. Bacterial Vaginosis – the most common vaginal infection and most common cause of abnormal discharge. Left untreated BV may be associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, which can result in reduced fertility and also increase the risk of contracting certain Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV. Once diagnosed correctly, it can be treated with antibiotics. Alternatively Balance Activ gel is the leading over the counter treatment to treat and prevent BV.

BV is the most common vaginal infection and is almost twice as common as thrush yet research has shown that only, 49% of women have heard of BV while 91% have heard of thrush.
 Problems ‘down there’ have always been a taboo subject that people squirm at the mere mention of. This is largely down to the fact that vaginal infections usually have undesirable symptoms. Take the symptoms of BV for example, a grey watery discharge and an abnormal fishy odour that is often stronger after sex - who wants to talk about that over their latte.
 2. Cystitis – the main symptom of which is a burning pain when passing urine. The underlying cause should be diagnosed correctly but it is very easily treated with antibiotics or over the counter treatments, but left untreated it can lead to kidney infections.

 3. Thrush – women commonly experience vaginal itching, a white, ‘cottage cheese-like’ discharge and soreness, which may also be experienced during sex. It can be easily treated with an oral medication, a vaginal pessary or anti- thrush cream such as Canesten (clotrimazole). However, recurrent thrush should be investigated further, to rule out conditions such as diabetes.


  1. Well I found Carl. Please tell me why I have pain on the third day after a tooth extraction? I took antibiotics and extraction site looks good, not inflamat.Care be the cause?
    Waiting for your opinion. A hug for you my friend!

  2. Hi Elena..Good question..
    The general rule is that discomfort following a tooth extraction (providing it wasn't a really difficult extraction) subsides to no pain at all over four to six days. Sometimes it's less time.
    If it is a dry socket your dentist should be able to tell you quickly. Most experienced dentists are able to do it. Did he take an x-ray before the extraction? Ask him to take an x-ray to rule out anything else like abscess, etc. If it is a dry socket he will put in dressings a few times, and you would become all right soon.
    “Dry Socket” come from the socket or hole in the bone where the tooth has been removed. After a tooth is pulled, a blood clot forms in the socket to protect the bone and nerves underneath. Sometimes that clot can become dislodged or dissolve a couple of days after the extraction. That leaves the bone and nerve exposed to air, food, fluid, and anything else that enters the mouth. This can lead to infection and severe pain that can last for five or six days.
    It would be safe to use the time tested salt water rinse with warm water. This will prevent inflammation, reduce the risk of infection which is bound to be there (in dry sockets the underlying bone gets exposed and leaving it untreated can cause problems) .
    Now don't get scared. Rinse your mouth at least four to five times a day. Do not touch the site with hand, don't drink with a straw, have easy to swallow food, and see your doctor at the first available opportunity.

  3. Thanks a lot, doc!
    I get clatesc with salt water. I hope to end the pain.If you do not pass go to the dentist tomorrow.The problem is that I have Heart disease due to ischiemica and may not be anesteziata good.I am afraid of the pain.
    Thank you! Blessing!

  4. Yes, the dentist gave me spray before extraction. You dreptate.Poate as spray that contains some ... If the pain goes I go to the dentist.
    Thank you!