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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relationships and Self Esteem

The loss of Self Esteem is our most profound loss of all!

People in relationships that harm self esteem can end them. People in “one sided relationships” may need to consider what it is doing to their self-esteem. To ignore this erosion is to make a deal with the devil. To face this squarely requires a great deal of courage and self motivation, but it can and often must be done. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you in the back seat or driving the bus? Are you second fiddle? Can you answer honestly these questions for yourself?

The benefits of healthy self esteem are many. When we are fulfilled people, we are effective people. We build healthy relationships with others and accomplish our goals.

When we have healthy self esteem, we have the courage to create, to try, to challenge ourselves and improve our positions and lives. We are able to "stand tall" and meet others face-to-face without shame or fear.

Our anxiety lessens, our confidence grows. We take charge of our lives and enjoy them. We are more willing to take sensible risks, to find alternative solutions to problems.

We feel happy and complete, centered and balanced. We feel good about ourselves and good about others. It also becomes much more illogical to let others or situations take away your most presious gift.

It is well worth trying any or all methods to restore and boost self esteem. We only have one life; the quality of that life depends on what we do with it. It only makes sense to have the highest quality of life possible.

One way to enjoy that is through pro active and positive self esteem.

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