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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Man has pea plant growing in lungs..Thought To Be Lung Cancer

MASSACHUSETTS – An unusual and rather surprising diagnosis for a Massachusetts man after he sought medical help while having more trouble than usual breathing.

Ron Sveden was already suffering from emphysema. However, he started to worry that he also had developed cancer. He was rushed to the hospital on Memorial Day after he couldn't catch his breath.
Doctors discovered his left lung had collapsed – but he didn't have cancer. Instead they found a pea pod had sprouted in his lung.
"God has such a sense of humor,” his wife said. ”I mean, it could have been just nothing, but it had to be a pea, and it had to be sprouting."
Doctors think he ate a pea a couple of months ago and it went down the wrong way, and then began to grow.

The man is scheduled to have surgery to remove the plant.

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