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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tips For A Younger ~ Healthier YOU ~ Cardio ~ Keep Moving ~ Stay Young

There’s no doubt that getting older changes your body and appearance, but it also affects your ability to exercise.
Your maximum heart rate declines with age, which means your heart and lungs can’t pump as much oxygen and blood to your muscles during intense physical activity.
As a result, your muscles won’t be able to work as hard or as long as they once could. With age comes reductions in muscle mass, reducing the maximum effort you can sustain. Your tendons and ligaments will stiffen and shorten, reducing your natural range of motion and flexibility.
And unless you’re very lucky, you’ll probably have some age-related problems with bones, joints and/or nerves, like arthritis or neuropathy, which will also affect your ability to move as freely as you once did in your younger years.

But does any of this mean you might as well accept the inevitable decline, scrap your exercise plans, and head for your favorite easy chair?

Nopejust the opposite, in fact. Researchers have discovered that much of the physical decline in we associate with aging may have more to do with increased inactivity than with aging itself. Moreover, starting (or continuing) a regular exercise program can delay and reduce the affects of aging, and in some cases, even reverse some of the declines already brought on by previous lack of exercise. The benefits of regular exercise, and the negative consequences of not exercising, are probably most notable between ages 50 and 70 than at any other time in your life.
Get all the tips and details to create a younger, healthier YOU, on the link below.


  1. You've been busy. The site looks great! Truer words have never been spoken. The problem is discipline or lack there of.

  2. Hi Lauren..Glad you like my changes here. Yeah you are right about the discipline..But the more you excersise the easier it is and the better you feel. Often it is getting the ball rolling ..

  3. Hi! Yes, I heard that they were on America
    s Got Talent, and now I'm disappointed that I missed it. They are just great! I saw them on "Jacks Big Music Show" on Nick jr. a coupla weeks ago and just flipped over them! :)
    Do you ever watch Dr. Oz on t.v. ? I thought of you and your blog yesterday, they had some great health information on there. My husband and I really like him and watch him whenever we can. Yesterday it was about anti-aging and keeping our youth. Pretty cool info. He also said how important cardio is! I've tried to do the bike when I can, I love it! :) Hope you're having a nice day! :)

  4. Hi Jen..
    Yes I do watch Dr. Oz when I can..Also I feature "Discovery Health" by Dr. Oz in the library here on this site..It is a really huge site and easy to use. He is great to watch..I think cardio is one of the most difficult things to get in the groove with but once you do you will feel 10x better than before..:) combine it with a high powered diet packed full of good stuff and you have a winning combo.
    It is always a pleasure to hear from you. :)
    Stay cool down there if you can...