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Friday, April 30, 2010

Healthcare.Our Borders. Our Freedom

For years now I have been listening to all arguments about “racial profiling”. So many have voiced their opinion, the loudest voice has been against this activity contending , to distill it, that it is unconstitutional. That law enforcement must not pick out a suspect based upon race in the United States of America. The argument of unconstitutionality extents from racial profiling to “profiling” in general, in an effort to protect the rights of all American citizens. It is clear that to isolate one segment of the population, particularly when law enforcement is involved will most certainly target certain people or types and automatically exclude others thus, violating the rights of someone somewhere.

The new Arizona law in effect orders every Arizona law enforcement officer to respond appropriately if they suspect people they encounter in the course of their duties are illegal immigrants, they must now determine whether the people are in the country legally and make an arrest — as long as it is practical and doesn't interfere with an ongoing investigation. Backers of the law contend that it simply empowers local police to use existing federal immigration laws and will be applied sparingly. "

But immigrants rights groups note that the law, which passed on a party-line vote in the Legislature and was signed by a Republican governor, was backed by many political supporters of a Republican sheriff dept. And it allows citizens to sue police departments if they are not aggressive enough in enforcing it.

"This law will make every officer in the state an ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officer like the officers that Sheriff Arpaio has," said Salvador Reza, a Latino activist here.

Reza sees himself as a victim of racism, stemming back to his days in kindergarten. Maybe he has his own personal axe to grind! You be the judge.

Reza's goals go far beyond the day laborer centers he wishes to create throughout the city. He is pushing for increased Latino political representation and expanding the Xinachtil Program (Xinachtil means "seed" in the Aztec language) in the public school system to teach "traditions, culture, art and science of indigenous people."

Immigrant advocacy groups no longer promote legal immigration, citizenship, learning English or any other assimilation into this country. Hispanic-rights groups talk of reoccupation and repatriation of the southwestern United States, the land of "indigenous people."

I had the misfortune of Geraldo Rivera appearing on my TV screen this morning while I was making coffee. Had the television been within reach I'd have switched over to something more informative and rational than Geraldo's latest diatribe against the enforcement of our nation's immigration laws, perhaps something like a video of an old Rosie show. At least she didn't pretend to be unbiased. As usual, Geraldo got all wild-eyed and lathered up over all us heartless infidel scum who are hell bent on "destroying families" (you know, the ones that aren't suppose to be here), because we support enforcement of immigration laws. He even said he doesn't want anymore emails from people that disagree with his view that enforcing our nation's laws against coming into our country illegally, and who by remaining here, are breaking yet more laws.

Remember I said that The argument of unconstitutionality extents from racial profiling to “profiling” in general, in an effort to protect the rights of all American citizens. Well..this is where we began; but look where we are now. We are looking at a movement to completely tie the arm of law enforcement so that they will be unable to seek out or confront those who violate our borders. It has nothing to do with protecting our citizens at all! This is all done under the guise of considering the constitutionality of ICE and other law enforcement policies. It is a movement to stall aggressive policies in the courts indefinitely! While the Geraldos stall, more people stream across our borders. They come in vans, with ladders to scale the fences, with guns, drugs and families. They come with everything but legal documents to enter and remain in this country.

These are times when we all must pull together to protect our America and honor its laws. It is a dangerous time for us all.

It just seems silly to me if we know that we seek a white man from the Middle East 6’8” tall that we frisk a school boy from Wisconsin just to say we are politically correct.

It seems silly to me when we are looking for illegal immigrants who scale the fences in the Southwest, that come from Mexico that we pretend that we do not have that information and ask every farmer and shop keeper in Texas for ID. If you are asked to pick out all of the 3’s in a number sequence of why would we include 5,4,6,8,1,2 in our selections? It makes no sense! Lets us embrace some common sense in America now! It is time that as Americans that we all protect our government, our families, ourselves, our culture and our borders and pray to God that we do not experience another 9/11 and that not one more person falls victim to crime perpetrated but those who are in this country illegally to begin with!


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  2. Hola Duna,
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  4. Generally, emigration cause major problems worldwide. Carl Good day!


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    Yes I am well..I have been away for a couple of weeks in the Philippines so I have not been posting lately.I hope you are well too.