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Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Love Truely A Healer?

Your heart health remains awake and receptive. Express your love and affection to your partner sincerely; its the healthy thing to do! Really is true!

According to Human Communication Research Journal, expressing affection can improve cholesterol levels, which is good for heart health. Researchers asked 33 people to write about their loved ones three times for 20 minutes in two weeks.
Result, the research subjects cholesterol levels fell by seven points, or about 20% difference between the high level of cholesterol levels and healthy cholesterol levels.
According to the study authors, Kory Flyoyd, PhD, this is due to the emergence or the hormone cortisol that can keep cholesterol levels remained normal by balancing stress.
Facts, so start your love spread. Start by sending a blank said card, write her loving message with your handwriting, and send it to someone you care about and love. Do not hesitate to express the essence,
I Love U.


  1. Expresar el amor, y no reprimirlo, siempre es bueno.
    Está estudiado que los niños que reciben desde su nacimiento, palabras y muestras de amor, desarrollan su inteligencia mucho mas , y de forma mas sana.

    Un placer acompañarte, y leerte.


  2. Hello dear Doctor,:)
    yes this is very true..It is a great medicine in this world.

  3. Hi Carl,
    Yes, I think so. As laughter hightens the endorphines in the brain, then yes expressing your love for someone and actually writing it down must help with the mood and bring a more peaceful feeling.
    Brenda xhugx :)

  4. Hi Brenda,
    It is nice to see you here again. I think so too..We can always use more positive engery.:)