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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Little Things


All couples get married expecting that their relationship will remain as warm, loving, and intimate as it was on their wedding day. And for many couples, it does. There's no secret and no luck involved: These couples have simply learned to devote time and attention to their marriage. Not just sometimes, but every day.
You see, it's not diamonds and flowers that make a marriage, but the little things. Each morning, he makes you coffee, while you make sure the freezer is always stocked with his favorite ice cream. You're still spontaneous, taking a Friday afternoon off to explore the countryside and stop at an out-of-the-way roadhouse for lunch. You're each other's best friend, there when things go right -- or wrong -- but still appreciate your time apart.
Above all, you learn through the years to accept each other's shortcomings and to forgive each other for transgressions both large and small.

The good news is that in any relationship, particularly an intimate one, taking small, simple steps can bring big results.  Most fall in the category of what we can identify as "random acts of romance."

Be're sure to find more than a few ways to keep your love alive, vital, and evergreen, no matter how long you've been brushing your teeth side by side


  1. Es cierto. No se mantiene una relación dedicando mucho tiempo y detalles un día, y olvidándolo los demás. No es mas importante que un día te regalen un diamante, a que te ayuden en casa, o te hagan un rico desayuno.
    Muy bien dicho, amigo.
    Gracias por compartirlo.

    Muchos besos

  2. Lovely sentiment, Carl. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. Celebrated our 25th by taking a trip to Jamaica this past summer. You've really touched upon the key ingredients that make a marriage work.

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  3. Hola Duna,
    Es tan importante para nuture amor para hacer crecer y mantenerse alive.Sometimes Creo que la vida se vuelve tan ocupados que olvidamos lo que es importante .. es decir, nos preocupamos por otros o incluso se olvida de tomar tiempo para nosotros mismos (también importante) .. Pero saber todo esto .. Usted es el "Doctor Amor"! haha

  4. Muchas gracias por ser mi amigo.
    Puedes llamarme como tú lo desees. ¿Te gusta "Doctora amor"?, pues genial, a mi también....

    Una gran sonrisa y muchos besos para ti.

  5. Hi, Carl :) Love forever... ummmm, it's such a difficult thing... However, many people try it and get it. The rest... do their best but maybe it's not enough to keep their love with them. I'm afraid life is more complicated than we think when we meet a man/woman and we fall in love with him/her. Everybody wants to have their love alive, but, you know, it's not always possible.

    Have a good weekend :)

  6. Mari,
    Is very true what you say. There are no guarantees in this life. We all can do only the best we know how, at any given point in time. When we know more we do things differently.:)
    Still we do not always get what we want and that is just "life". Not always fair, sometimes disappointing is life but we go on and hope that somehow,in some way we can come out the other side, of the dark times, a better person for it.
    Take care always,

  7. Lauren..25years? :) thats wonderful! Also thanks for the urls ..I will check them out.You know , I always get a laugh when I visit you.I am glad that we have become friends .
    Take Care,

  8. Carl, me preguntas donde hay un amor así, en el comentario a mi poema.
    Bien, te diré que cada uno de mis poemas reflejan lo que yo soy. Creo que el amor del que habla mi poema ,¿Sabes bien lo que eres?, es un reflejo del amor que yo doy.

    Pero si sé , que lo puedes encontrar en ti mismo, y cada uno dentro de si mismo.

    Si no lo encuentras, siempre estaré encantada de hablar contigo y ayudarte.

    Muchos besos y abrazos.

  9. Duna,
    Yo haría una conversación interesante, no he dooubt.:)
    abrazos y besos Amega

  10. Love must underpin any relationship. P wish you good day.Elena.

  11. Hello Elena, Thank you for visiting