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Friday, September 11, 2009

Concept of "Resolution"

Is a recalibration of thought process..
It is an observation tower over looking your life with balance of perception between life’s struggles , tragedies or pain and pleasures.
It is a refocusing of “life’s eye” it is the ability to observe not with detachment but with integration and in the absence of psychological paralysis, and/or crushing, life altering pain.
It is the ability to recall ones tragedies with safety; that the recollection will not devastate you.
It is the ability to remember your previous devastations with a new understanding and a new comfort around your experiences.
It is the antidote for trauma..
It is your counterbalance..
it becomes your comfort zone..
it is your new lens with which you see the world..
With which you recall your life ..
With which you process your information.
With which you see yourself(self image)..
A prospective that is automatic..
Which will take you forward now that you have gone backward.
It is your mountain to climb..
it is your Salvation
It is YOUR Resolution..It is YOUR Solution.

1 comment:

  1. First, I want to thank you again for visitng my blog and the wonderful comment. Your blog is very special and sends out good messages. I like this post especially because it is something I try to talk about with some of the people I work with ( I really cannot go into it ..I know you understand this). For me, I can speak about my past and I have learned over the years and as a young child with therapy:) that you cannot run nor let the past..whatever that is to the individual..haunt you, weigh you down with guilt and regrets, and other sadden feelings. I learned some time ago to take the past and embrace it, review it, learn from it, and to forgive myself and others in order to move forth. It is not always an easy I mean and I still stumble but find comfort and freedom in the words you expressed in your post which is what I have lived by as well. If I can only get my mother to take these steps too:)I am a hopeful person. And I think like you, believe we make a difference with every word and act of communication whether with words or other expressions. And sometimes, it is nice to be the receiver too like your kind words:)