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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Psoriasis solutions

Psoriasis solutions

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that begins in the gut and often involves the liver and other organs. Yep not the skin. The skin is only the elimination organ where it manifests. If you go through allopathic medicine (your GP or specialist) they will treat the skin and it might get better then it will come back and get worse each time and the creams get stronger each time. You are only treating the symptom. If your medical professional or advocacy group does not talk about nutrition and lifestyle I suggest you look for better information, one that is not influenced by a drug company.

The primary cause of this problem is dysbiosis in the gut. The probiotic bacteria are disturbed and dysfunctional. This can come about for a lot of reasons such as antibiotics, processed foods, other medications and even stress. Psoriasis is also an inflammatory disease linked with an increased risk of heat attack and some cancers, hence why it is obviously not a skin disease, it is chronic inflammation.

First thing to do is modify your diet to be unprocessed, lots of salad and raw food, no milk, minimal wheat and absolutely no white flour products. Cut down meat (it is pro inflammatory). No vegetable oil or margarines but lots of unprocessed olive oil. Lots of salad, nuts, vegetables, beans, fruit and oily fish. The best formula for eating is outlined in our book “the 6 week healthy eating planner" on our website (

To build up the probiotics invest in some progurt ( or lacto flora (from neways). These are the strongest source of human probiotics in the world and essential to heal the gut. Also get some digestive enzymes from a health food shop to help with the digestive process. The foods I mention above also provide prebiotics (the right type of fibre) to feed the good bacteria (and mould) in the gut.

Also get some fish oils from the health food store and have 3-4 (or more) a day along with vitamin C (minimum 500mg) and a good range of antioxidants. These are anti-inflammatory and are essential for skin health. Go outside in the sun to get some vitamin D.

If stress is an issue in your life take some strategies to minimize it such as meditation.
Once you have started on this then see a good naturopath to get more specifics for the person who has the problem.

While there are no guarantees it should take a few months to clear up but you might see some results within weeks.

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  1. Bine te-am regăsit, Carl, doctore! Interesant acest subiect. Gânduri bune şi sănătate din Romania! Cu drag.Elena.